'We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutual weirdness and call it love.'
-Dr. Suess

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New House, New Semester, New Life

So its been a while since I wanted to do my big blog post about moving into the house with pictures when the house was all put together.  Yeah that's not going to happen till the semester is over.  So we have been in the house for about a month now and I love it especially now the temperature has been going down.  The house is all wired for air-conditioning but needs the compressor or condenser whatever and we are too cheap to buy it this year so the first couple of weeks in the house were kind of miserable.  Anyway we were finally able to close after the deadline kept getting pushed and pushed, and we went and signed our lives away.  We were really lucky since Provo offers a no interest 10,000 dollar downpayment assistance for lower incomes and as we just got out of college we qualified.  However, most people who do get this have to do an FHA loan and we were conventional, so that was all super complicated and we were the first who were able to ever get this with a conventional loan.  All my effort paid off and I was so happy.  Anyway we closed and were hoping to get to move in and everyday we wouldn't get the keys, and then we found out there was a land dispute to deal with...frustrating.  Then we finally got that sorted out and were able to move out the day before we had to be out of our apartment.

Liam is now over 7 months old which is hard to believe.  He is still a super chunky baby, probably around 23 pounds now and still sticking in his 90th percentile.  He is really tall too, so he wears 18 month old clothes.  Yeah he is huge and hard to lug around.  He has a fun personality and loves to smile when it is all about him.  He is a major flirt and a big ham (pretty much sums him up).  He loves eating real food and despises baby food.  I have already had to give him his first haircut, but I'm not that sentimental about hair.  He loves stroller rides, and music.  He is really funny in this regard and already shows his preferences.  The Tangled soundtrack is probably his favorite, and if I play "When will my life begin" he stops crying instantly.  Banging on the piano is another favorite pastime.  He has been teething for forever, but I think he has at least 3 teeth all trying to break through.  Sleeping, oh how I miss sleeping, he did pretty good when we first moved in but with the teeth situation we are back to waking up at least twice every night.  He does nap fairly well though.  I now take him to a babysitter for a couple of hours while I go to class and he really likes it.  He loves playing with the babysitters twin girls so that has worked out really well while I go to class.

The last semester has started and things are going really well.  Its not to heavy of a load, and Jeff watches Liam after he gets home so I can do homework.  That is the really nice thing with having Jeff out of school, when he comes home he has no homework so he can watch Liam and help me study.  I have loved BYU and its a little sad that it will be over, but not all that sad.  Jeff's job is going great, so things are overall going really well.  I think that's all that has been going on, but who knows.  I was going to put pics of the house here, but you can just see the album on facebook