'We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutual weirdness and call it love.'
-Dr. Suess

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get back into blogging

I just examined my blog today and found several unfinished posts.  I always save them and say I'll go through them later and edit them.  You know make sure everything makes sense and that there are no embarrassing typos, and then I never do.  So hopefully I'll run through those and update in the next couple of days, but they seemed so outdated I thought I would just start over.  So updates in the house of Walther.  Jeff and I bought a new car!  Yes it is very exciting.  We have been driving the same car I had in high school, and it has been through quite a bit.  I was surprised though I was a little sad that we would be letting it go.  I've become attached to its quirks.  Jeff and I feel so spoiled now that we have a car that the gas gauge works, the trunk closes first try, the a.c. works, radio works, and the gauge doesn't say that the engine is hot and about to explode.  So we are loving our 2006 Honda Accord.  Nicest car either of us has ever driven, but who knows if that is saying much.
It is crazy to think we have now been in our house for one year.  Wow time really flies.  One year with now school and I really do miss it sometimes.  We have made some improvements in the past year.  We bought our air conditioner, and thank goodness we did.  I don't think I would have survived the summer without it.  We also got our sprinkler system in the front and the back and grass in the front (which is finally starting to look decent).  We also got a bed put into our basement as I have been told I need to have a place for guests since our house is so close to the freeway, and I have an empty basement.  Our next project is going to be cutting down 50 ft trees in the back yard and that is going to be quite a project, but it will be worth it when there isn't the imminent threat of them breaking and falling on our house this winter.
So onto Liam.  Crazy that he is now 19 months old, and in nursery.  Woo hoo.  Still cant say he's a fan.  Every time I look in he is being held, but he stays there the whole time and is getting better.  We are just starting to move on through the stranger anxiety.  So sleep with Liam.  It was going so well for about 2 weeks he was sleeping from 8-6 and them went back to sleep til 7:30.  However, the past 3-4 days he has started waking up 4-5 times a night screaming like crazy.  No idea what is wrong.  Hopefully it is just temporary sleep regression, or I wonder if he has been having night terrors.  So we tried cry it out again, but I just cant do it.  Liam will not lay down and will just stand there and scream.  When I go in after the 3 min, 5 min etc...he would just lay against me through the crib and would fall asleep standing up and then scream when you try to lay him down.  After an hour I just stood by the crib and he eventually calmed down and went to sleep.  I've read all the books on the different sleep techniques and they worked but for the last few weeks nothing.  So currently we put a normal mattress on Liam's floor so we could lay by him at night and get some sleep.  That worked for a few nights, but last night was rough.  Hopefully tonight will be the night that he sleeps.
Other than the sleeping he is doing really well.  Vocabulary has really increased, as we enter the big phase of acquiring language.  He says a lot of words and I was actually trying to add them all up the other day, but then I keep thinking of ones that I had forgotten about.  He loves going places and going on walks, but he doesn't like to ride in the stroller anymore.  He likes to go everywhere himself.  Here is Jeff's favorite thing Liam has been doing recently.  We were watching the BYU football game, and Jeff says "look Liam football" and raises his hands above his head.  So Liam looks at the TV puts his arms up like he is calling a touchdown and yells "football"  (As Liam says it Buball).  So now whenever Liam sees football he does this and he signs that he wants more whenever football goes to commercial.
Liam is also obsessed with watching baby videos on youtube.  It is one of his favorite things.  Liam has never had any interest in movies or tv shows, but goodness he loves baby videos.  He also loves watching Tangled whenever they are singing, but has no interest in any of the dialogue.  He just likes to watch the songs over and over.  The kid loves his music.  When we watched conference he would stop whatever he was doing to watch the choir sing and would cry and sign for more whenever they stopped.
Other than some serious sleep deprivation we are doing pretty well, and hopefully I will get some ZZZs soon.