'We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutual weirdness and call it love.'
-Dr. Suess

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time flies and Liam is two

Time line of our handsome two year old.  Going back to the short time ago when he was born, and here is a little update on him.

We had Liam's birthday, and had lots of fun.  We went down to Toquerville the weekend before his birthday since the weather soothsayers were promising 70 degree weather, and we were tiring of the cold winter.  Plus we got him a strider bike for his birthday and we were wanting him to try it out in warmer weather when he wouldn't have to wear so many layers.  Anyway we went to the children's museum in St.George, still  love it I wish we had one just like it in Provo.  Then we went to the spin park in St.George with Liam's cousins and family and had pizza and cake.  Liam was funny and didn't handle everyone singing happy birthday very well.  It was cute when he saw his strider bike though, he gave an audible gasp when he saw it.  On Liam's actual birthday we had a little party at our house in Provo with Liam's friend, who is one of his favorite people in the universe.  Liam cleaned up with his gifts this year as he also got a little table and chairs from Grandma Walther, Cars drag racers from Grandma Heideman, and also a Thomas pop up tent and sleeping bag that I got for him on ebay.

So here are some things about our now two year old.  He loves to swim (EEEEK mama is so proud).  He will go find his swim diapers, suit and bag go to the door and say swim pool.  Curses that swimming is so much more work in the winter.  Anyway he has figured out that his body is buoyant in the water and will crawl around on his hands blowing bubbles with his legs floating up behind him.  Then he likes floating around the whirl pool in his puddle jumper.  Now we just have to keep working putting his head under water of his own free will.   We also introduced Liam to his first movie the past month, Despicable me 2.  Now Despicable me is the only movie he will watch, either one or two.  He loves it.  Even more than Thomas the train.  He is talking a lot more and now seems to enjoy going to nursery so yay.
Jeff is doing great at his job, and has been promoted to software engineer, possibly other things in the next month or so when his company decides which direction they want to go with his department.  He is also now in young mens as teacher's quorum adviser.  Dang I hate that he has to use his vacation days for scout campouts.  I had my first weekend with him gone, which was actually my first time alone at our house since we've been married.  So he survived his first campout with his scouts out in the freezing winter.
As for me I am mainly going day to day trying to maintain some semblance of order in my house, but a two year old tazmanian devil makes it difficult.  Then I spend my weekends preparing for singing time.  Man this calling takes my time and craftiness.  I have some ideas I'm excited about though.  I just got through making 30 ribbon wands for my primary kids for tomorrow.  Other than that our family is doing great.  Our Liam is cute and keeps growing and learning more each day.

Liam on his first birthday a year ago

He was so cute and chubby